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10 12 2012


“Oh, I’m a fiscal conservative but I’m a social liberal.”

Okay, so why are the most fiscally conservative politicians also social conservatives?  Why are self-styled socially liberal but fiscally conservative Republicans not really that fiscally conservative?  This makes the case that fiscal conservatism and social conservatism are fairly strongly correlated.

This article doesn’t do this, but because you’re here and I’m here, I can do this.  Let’s extend this conversation to race, and the WN/RR/HBD sphere.

There is a hobby horse mentality of white WN/RR/HBD (white nationalist/race realist/human bio-diversity) advocates who live in blue state America (northeast, west coast), that I think is borne of pure desperation, (and to protect the innocent, I won’t mention the blogger Half Sigma by name nor the AR regular posters Celestial Time and ATBOTL), that there are a throng of doctrinarie white liberals who are right on the vestibule of becoming WN/RR/HBD, but the only thing holding them back is the fact that most American WN/RR/HBD are Southerners who are “socially conservative” (i.e. pro-life, creationist, don’t believe in Glow-BULL not Warming, opposed to embryonic stem cell research).  Aside from the fact that if you let a creationist in Alabama prevent you from becoming a white nationalist, then racial issues must not be important to you to begin with, another big problem is that this fancy theory hasn’t manifested itself in practice — Where are all the socially left wing but white nationalist local and state governments in blue state America?  Local and state elections in New York and California don’t involve anyone from Alabama.

Just as social conservatism and fiscal conservatism generally go together, social conservatism and WN/RR/HBD also tend to go together, here in the real world.

It all comes down to this:  If tomorrow all fifty states became independent countries, which is sooner and more likely to elect an openly white nationalist government or enact openly white nationalist public policy?  Alabama or New York?

I would vote for an openly racially minded white nationalist but liberal-on-everything-else candidate over an “anti-racist” but conservative-on-everything-else candidate any day.  But I don’t think I’ll ever see that scenario manifesting itself in the real world.  Meanwhile, the socially liberal or pandering-to-socially liberal WN/RR/HBD commentariat will have to realize that if racial issues are that important to them, then they’re going to have to dance with the dowdy girls that let them take them to the dance because all the hot girls turned them down.  And the “dowdy” girls in this case are the “dreaded” social conservatives in the South.




One response

12 12 2012
Cheerful Hamster

As a former liberal, I can say that conservatives will get absolutely nowhere by compromising core principles. I remain an atheist and in favor of non-white abortion, but I’d rather live in a prosperous rightwing Christian country than anywhere else.

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