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13 12 2012


The trial in the case that brought the world’s attention to Knockout Martin Luther King will start in April.

Almost sounds like “realizing our full potential” here:

For Quinisha Hill, 26, the lack of quality education and inability of the village to capitalize on its potential are causes for concern.

“Growing up here, there wasn’t a lot to do, but you could see the potential here,” Hill said. “Brooklyn was a thriving metropolis once. And Brooklyn could be that again.”

Hill, a homemaker who now lives in Fairview Heights, grew up in the village along with her husband Joshua, a mortgage consultant. The couple have two children, 2-year-old Joshua Jr. and 5-month-old Jude. Hill said that with where things are at now, she and her family won’t return to where she grew up.

I think Brooklyn has already realized its full potential.  Fourth rate boobie bars, chop suey joints, check cashing joints and liquor stores are the full potential of most black people and black villages and neighborhoods.

Notice she lives in Fairview Heights now.  Once Fairview Heights becomes the New Brooklyn or the New ESL, next up will be O’Fallon.

*  The earlier version of this article didn’t show us a vic pic, but the current version does.  If they would have told us how old the “grandfather” is, we could have used that as a hint.  If the “grandpa” of the 12-year old in question is something like 44 years old, then you could have filled in the blanks for yourself.  The most obvious hint was that this took place in the northern half of U-City.

Nice timing, Kirkwood.  Considering improvements to the high school football stadium not even a month after its home team wins the school’s first ever state championship?  You certainly can’t say no now.  The only other thing that you could use that money for is give it to the QB and/or RB so that he and they can take the entire OL out to supper.

*  Obviously.  This joint is east of Prospect.  And you know what that means — A lot of “blue” on the New York Times Census Explorer.


I don’t know which part is less believable, that a white person in Chicago called a black person the n-word, or that the black person in question was ever at a library.

*  If the justice system in Chicago was halfway reasonable, Chief Keef would be doing hard time in adult prison right now.

But now, they’re finally starting to lay down the law.

(Insert laugh tracks here)

*  Thanks to Puggg for noticing this.  Usually, the media haul out the “wrong place wrong time” stupid bromide when it comes to victims of violent crime.  Now, they’re saying the PERPETRATOR was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hello, goofy.  He’s the perpetrator.


Is Cincinnati fixed to become Mexico’s Newest Colony? Or will this jersey be the new in thing among Spanish-speaking gang bangers whose gang wears the color red?

Not only does mass Hispanic immigration cause increased income inequality just because we’re importing more poverty, but it doubly does the same by helping to lower the wage/salary scale which helps make the rich richer.

It happened in Houston.  Amazingly, Quannell X is nowhere to be found.

*  So much for the Great GOP Hispanic Hope:  Hispanics would rather have Sarah Palin than Marco Rubio.

Then again, Sarah Palin hearts amnesty.

Why does Obama think this?  Answer:  Intelligence guided by experience.  Or, more accurately, past recent history of the Stupid Party is indicative of future results.

Even the useless campus cops are getting dangerous.  The removed YT video seems to indicate that the “doer” is black, but even I had my curious indiscretions relating to alcohol when I was in college.

Now we know which New York City zip codes are the ghetto.

*  It looks like the egalitarian crackpots that run academia are going to use serious data mining to dig deep down into the noise floor to find favored minorities to affirmative action their way into school in spite of their state having anti-AA laws and Constitutional amendments.

If they can do that, then we can retort with the disparate impact game.

Our death sentence has been pushed back a year, to 2043.  What a relief.

Another “Shaquille” did something naughty.  Expect “Barack” to start showing up in crime blotters in around 2024.

*  “Enforcement of Georgia’s immigration law will vary.”

Translation:  Interests dependent on cheap Hispanic labor will bribe cops and politicians to look the other way, or if that’s too unseemly, they’ll write checks to Razatard and civil rights rabble to bitch and moan every time it’s enforced.

I have some knit-picks with her contentions, but this is a really good paragraph:

But our imaginations, it turns out, are not a good guide to reality.  None of this happened.  Homicides did not rise after we legalized concealed carry, or ended the “assault weapons” ban.  To date, holders of concealed carry licenses have not been involved in any more crimes than you’d expect from a group of people law-abiding enough to pass a background check.  As Mark Kleiman wrote a few years ago, “There’s simply no evidence that keeping guns out of the hands of those currently eligible to own them under Federal law (adults with no felony convictions, no domestic-violence misdemeanors or restraining orders, and no history of involuntary commitment for mental illness) reduces the level of criminal violence. Nor is there evidence that allowing anyone who can pass a background check and a gun-safety course to carry a concealed weapon increases the level of criminal violence. “

And likewise, CCW didn’t turn out to be the big deterrent to violent crime that we hoped it would be.  The reason is the flip side of the coin to the reasoning presented in the above paragraph.  A typical CCW permit holder is a 25-55 year old white man with no felony criminal record and no disqualifications from owning firearms, and one who feels comfortable enough dealing with the sort of law enforcement agencies and personnel that it takes to get a permit in most states that issue permits.  That demographic would have a very low violent crime rate anyway, but there’s also another factor:  Just like I learned how to be a good coward when I started carrying a gun around, i.e. my radar toward and studious avoidance of “bad scenes” got really sensitive, to the extent that a typical CCW permit holder, the 25-55 YO WM, would ever willingly get into or close to troublesome situations before they got a permit, they stop when they start carrying a gun.  That might be good for them, but unfortunately, it also means that they’re not in those bad scenes to stop, prevent or deter trouble.  However, the reason we still all carry is that while we do everything we can to avoid trouble, we’re also aware that trouble can find us.

I once said that CCW really wouldn’t realize its full crime deterring potential (sorry for the cliche I otherwise hate) until far many more felony-free mature black adults would get permits and start carrying.  But now I even doubt that because they would learn how to be good cowards, too.

To wit, relating to what I just said above.  Now, the crime and the sin are entirely the fault of the “teens” in question.  But even if I’m armed, carrying, unarmed, or even if I’m flanked by a thousand on-duty armed cops, there is no way in hell that I’m ever allowing myself to get involved in “banter” about “bassetball” with “teens” on a public transit system.


Is there a Vegas betting line on whether we will or won’t see an independent Catalonia before the end of the decade?

Same question for Corsica.

I agree that this is entirely possible, for two simple possibilities, either one or both:  (A)  By 2030, the United States and Europe could be so full of Muslims that Shari’ah Law is enacted just through the will of demographic force, and therefore, terrorism will become unnecessary, as terrorism is a means to an end (spreading Shari’ah), not the end itself, and/or (B)  By 2030, both the United States and Europe will be too economically and militarily weak, thanks to their decreasing whiteness, to project force in the Muslim world.

British welfare queen.


*  Pardon me, but how can you castrate a girl?

Christ wasn’t black.  There’s an easy way to tell — Christ is one of three manifestations of God Himself.  And that same God told Moses to tell the enslaved Hebrews back in Egypt that, “I am what I am.”  If God was black, it would have been, “I is what I is.”

This annotated version of Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom was published by General Motors.  Today’s GM sucks at the teats of the same kind of wannabe despots they once warned us about.



2 responses

13 12 2012
Cheerful Hamster

Plenty of blacks in the library here in LA. Their public internet computers don’t block porn. Free DVD and CD checkouts too. Books? What are those?

14 12 2012

Cheerful Hamster has it right. High speed internet = World Star Hip Hop. In Chicago they can use for one hour after signing up and all hours of the evenings are always booked from what I have seen on my few visits.

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