15 12 2012

Washington, D.C.

Why is RG3 a “cornball brother?”

I don’t think it’s any more complicated than the fact that too many white people like him while at the same time there is hardly any white dislike of him.

Compare and contrast to a “real brutha,” Michael Vick.

UPDATE 12/16

I can now also classify this post in my linguistic linguine category.

The cornball is too injured to play today, so not only will he not start, it is said in the sports media that he “won’t dress.”

Sure, because he can sure do his team a lot of good when he’s naked.

Then again, current Redskins TE Chris Cooley proved that he can be helpful to his team while naked, or hurtful, if you consider the fact that he exposed both confidential information and his confidential body part.




6 responses

15 12 2012
Blog Raju

I don’t know much about RG3, but I know he is a black athlete with a white fiance. Maybe getting married to a white woman is considered “unblack” in the black community.

15 12 2012

That’s not why RG3 is said to be a cornball, because a lot of “real” black athletes have white wives and g/fs.

16 12 2012

RG3 will be on the sideline today but not dressed.

I guess this means the world will see with its own eyes just how black he really is.

16 12 2012

RG3’s white replacement at QB, Kirk Cousins, dropped this stat line today:

26/37, 329, 2/1, 104.4.

Maybe RG3 isn’t the real reason why the Redskins are doing better.

16 12 2012

Exactly…What they spent on him will come back to haunt them. I’m speaking as a Browns fan, of course. Today I saw 6th rnd picks further along than #1’s. The draft is truly a crap shoot.

8 01 2013
Tuesday Wrap-Up « Countenance Blog

[…] about to marry a white woman?  Lots of “bruthas,” cornball or otherwise, do that.  It all goes back to my previous theory when Rob Parker started running his mouth — RG3 is a cornball brother because too many white […]

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