SPLC Solves Its Own Diversity Problem

18 12 2012

Montgomery, Alabama

Breaking hot at CofCC…dot dot dot.

We always did bust their chops that they hardly had any black employees, and gosh darn it, they went out and got one.

Now let’s see if the women who work at and for the SPLC feel the internal racist urge to clutch onto their purses and expensive necklaces as they pass new guy here down the hall.  If any fancy electronic equipment suddenly goes missing, they know who not to blame lest they engage in discriminatory hatethink.  “What’s that you say, Mr. Potok?,” the Montgomery P.D. Lieutenant asks him.  “A brand new 2012 BMW 5-series wasn’t in the same place where you parked it this morning?”  I know for a fact that the SPLC employee parking is in an underground parking garage directly underneath the Poverty Palace.  But the security guard who opens and closes the enter/exit gate to get in and out of the garage wouldn’t be so racist as to assume that there wasn’t something quite right about a young black man with a known rap sheet driving a brand new BMW.




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