21 12 2012


Why do black leaders hate it when white people hold a gun show relatively close to a ghetto? The NRA’s national convention has been in Downtown St. Louis twice in the last 10 years, most recently this past year, and both times, the local cracker jack box theology degree chittin’ eatin’ black preachers (think:  Earl Nance, B. T. Rice) whined and moaned about it.

I think I finally figured it out:  It “shows up” the ghetto. You can have a show or exposition of thousands and thousands of white people seeing, buying, selling (pending background check, of course) all sorts of small armaments, including those ranch rifles decorated with plastic accoutrements slandered as “assault weapons,” and there is not one violent crime at the event.  Meanwhile, just a relatively short doable walk away from the convention center in Downtown St. Louis in several directions will get you into neighborhoods where if you put just five of its typical young male denizens and any given pistol on the same ten yards square parcel of land, and give it enough time, say, a few hours, you’re almost 100% guaranteed that someone gets murdered.

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22 12 2012

“those ranch rifles decorated with plastic accoutrements slandered as “assault weapons,” ”

like that, I’ll have to use that myself


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