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22 12 2012

Northern Virginia

Of course the media hate the NRA today even more than they did two days ago, after WLP’s presser yesterday. WLP, in floating the trial balloons of violent movies and video games and music and TV shows, basically pw3ned the media itself, because the same megacorporations that own the mainstream news media also make the violent movies and music and TV shows and to a lesser extent the video games. Too, WLP took swipes at the media itself and their celebritization of these nutbars, and I agree with WLP. Unfortunately, WLP then went on to name some of the nutbars by name, so he undid his own good point.

If firearms mfg. corporations had interlocking relationships with media conglomerates, and/or if there were far many more gun ads on TV, the media would love the NRA. The media hate tobacco because there are no consequences in doing so — Cigarette advertising has been FCC banned since 1970 or so. All about the money.

One thing I wish WLP would have covered in his presser yesterday was that the NRA endorses and in fact has helped designed programs vigorously to enforce Federal felon-in-possession and very similar Federal laws in ghetto areas.  I contend that vigorous enforcement or the threat of enforcement (the threat turns arrested “gun criminals” into supergrass, and since Federal time is credible, the threat is credible) of Federal gun laws against ghetto blacks is even more responsible than CCW for a noticeable drop in the black crime rate in the last handful number of years, because the average person who gets a CCW permit turns into a good coward and starts avoiding anything close to a troublesome situation, ergo they’re not in the middle of trouble (blacks) to deter crime that much.




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