Anatomy 101

23 12 2012



Armed guards in elementary schools?  Too much.

Condom dispensers in high schools that bear a strange resemblance to the lower half of a female torso, especially the strangely near-accurate looking “down there?”  A-OK.

I know how it works:  You grab several of those things from down there, stick the contents on your rod, then you shove it in a real world version of that up in the other direction.

I should really get my mind out of the gutter.




2 responses

23 12 2012

I hope that anatomically correct kiosk is full of pregnancy tests, because if that’s their theory, then a bunch of students will need to take one after they get back from Kwanzaa break.

23 12 2012

Nobody will use them ….. they’re not Magnums.

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