Christmas Wrap-Up

23 12 2012


*  Using an electric hot plate to heat a room full of small children, then leaving the children and house unsupervised.



*  President Obama was able to work his favorite subject in to his eulogy of Daniel Inouye.

This reads to me like Grover Norquist violated his own tax pledge.

*  “A day in the life of an algebra teacher.”

One who is lucky enough to have classes full of students that want to and have the ability to learn algebra.

Voodoo boogalew.  We read this story and get fumed over race.  Libtard reads this article and gets a red ass over the violation of animal rights.

I already answered that question:  Ultimately, no.  Yes, he had a good immigration record until now, but he can’t afford to have one anymore because an Indian Governor appointed him to the Senate.

They should hold on to Cerberus.  If RJP’s theory is right, and Cerberus about to make a killing from when they send Freedom Group out on the open stock exchange some time next year, then CalSTRS, a vastly underfunded pension fund, will get badly needed liquidity.

Postal workers going on a hunger strike?  How can you tell?  I wish some of them would go for literacy lessons.

I differ with VDH.  Three cheers for “unchecked racial tribalism.”  That’s because I want the “backlash” he fears so much, (though I don’t want it going to genocidal ends).

Why?  Dope and TNB.  Also, that’s a woman?


Slavery is back.  Sharpton and Jackson yawn, because there’s no way to extort gibsmedat from white people from this.

That and I think that some of the neo-“slavery” in Africa is play acting on the part of cargo cultists waiting on a payday from honkey to “free” the “slaves.”


I’m kinda disappointed in Mario here.  He let himself get arrested instead of disappearing down a pipe or strapping on one of his P-wings and flying away.

Instapundit asks:  “I KEEP ASKING THIS, BUT WHEN DID SPORTSWRITERS BECOME such whining, politically-correct manginas?

I answer:  Many sportswriters are the professional jocks that never were.  Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, write.

Plus, the whole racial angle of sports neutralizes honest discussion of issues.

Luckily, Four-Letter got through a whole prime time game last night without deploying one of their house organ spokesmouths either from Bristol or from the ABC News properties on the halftime show to rant about guns.

Sandy Rosario gets around a lot.  But there’s no way his travel schedule is as busy as his fellow MLB player, Tobe Namedlater, every late July.




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