Let the Fox Investigate

23 12 2012


Houston Chronicle:

Local gun store owner receives death threat

A Harris County gun shop owner received a letter Saturday threatening him, his family and his employees.

“Live by the gun. Die by the gun. You will not live to see Easter,” reads the typed letter that was mailed Thursday in Houston and arrived Saturday at Jim Pruett’s Guns & Ammo.

Jim Pruett was photographed and quoted in the Houston Chronicle last week saying that restricting sales of [ranch rifles with plastic decorations — Ed.] wouldn’t prevent tragedies like the Connecticut massacre. “All it’s going to do is make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to get the best protection they can for their home against, especially in Texas, gangs motivated by the drug cartel [that Obama armed with Operation Gunrunner — Ed.],” Pruett said in the Wednesday article.

He said Saturday they were taking the threat from the threat signed by a “Newtown-inspired marksman” seriously.

“Are we afraid? No, but we’re cautious,” he said.

A sheriff’s deputy picked up the letter Saturday afternoon and told Pruett it would probably be turned over to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The deputy also urged him to take the threat seriously, Pruett said.

And therefore, The End.  Letting Obama’s HLS investigate a death threat against a gun store owner is like asking the fox to figure out who’s been stealing chickens from the hen house.

Pray, the media are upset that a gun store owner got death threats, after the same media has basically tried, convicted and executed Amendment the Second and its practitioners for Newtown?  Speaking of foxes and hen houses.




One response

23 12 2012

“You will not live to see Easter.”

Well, at least we know the person making the threat is a Christian.

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