Nothing’s Going to Happen to David Gregory

26 12 2012

Washington, D.C.

Brian Aitken writes a letter to the Chief of the New Jersey State Police to ask if it was legal to bring hollow point ammunition into New Jersey.  Mr. Cop says it’s legal, but Aitken later finds out otherwise, and is sentenced to seven years in a Garbage State prison.  The Governor later commutes his sentence to time served after the public outcry, but does not wipe out the felony conviction.

The DCPD specifically warns NBC News, accurately to the letter of DC law, that possessing high capacity firearm clips for any reason is illegal, including for political and media stunts.  But David Gregory went right on ahead and did it anyway, and might I add, Wayne LaPierre kinda flubbed the response.  (Larry Correia has a much better response.)  Yeah, DCPD is “investigating,” but that’s all they’ll do.  If anyone spends a minute in jail, it will be some 22-year old intern/stooge/lackey.

Why would you expect anything to happen to David Gregory himself?  After all, he doesn’t oppose your kids’ schools having armed guards but send his own kids to Sidwell Enemies which has 11 full time armed guards not counting Secret Service or Congressional security because he likes you.  He doesn’t even do it because he’s consciously engaging in hypocrisy.  He does it because he hates you, and he literally thinks he’s better than you.  Ergo, his kids are better than your kids.  Even though “better” parents breeding “better” kids is supposed to be an example of “discredited Nazi eugenics.”

Likewise, Michael Bloomberg doesn’t hoof it down to Florida to complain about Stand-Your-Ground then defend his own city’s Stop-and-Frisk because he’s threading some fine ideological needle.  He does it because he hates you.  SAF keeps you safe, SYG keeps him and his Top 0.01% buddies safe.  In fact, if a whole deep south state, e.g. Mississippi, adopted SAF, Bloomy would find a way to oppose it while continuing to defend New York City’s use of it, and the “hypocrisy” wouldn’t bother him at all.

That’s because, in spite of my categorization of this post, elitist hypocrisy isn’t really, it’s elitist self-perpetuation.



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26 12 2012

If anything, clipgate and sidwellgate are going to keep David Gregory off MTP this coming Sunday. But it probably means they bring back Tom Brokenjaw or put in Chuck Todd.

27 12 2012

“I’ve always believed there’s really no such thing as a double standard. When people appear to apply a double standard, it means they are actually applying a hidden single standard — one they don’t want to admit. ”
– Joseph Sobran

28 12 2012

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15 01 2013
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