My Mother-in-Law Drove My New BMW Over a Cliff

27 12 2012

Yeah, that’s what this feels like.




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27 12 2012

What can we say ….

Council of Fucking Retards?

No offense meant to the retards out there, but I doubt you are reading this.

27 12 2012

Good ole Internet Exploder was the keystone to the whole thing succeeding. Party like it’s 2003…or something like that.

28 12 2012
Cheerful Hamster

You may laugh now, but flush with their success, they’ll set their sights on some heavyweight, high-value targets like and

28 12 2012

They can go after 4chan next, and at least temporarily bork whatever stupid meme the Aspie dorks there are cooking up to send up to the cultural stratosphere.

28 12 2012

It would actually be tragic if the Chinese took down World Star Hip Hop.

8 01 2013
Tuesday Wrap-Up « Countenance Blog

[…] I commented right here when I did the Chinese-Hack-CFR story that I wish that the Chinese would take down 4chan to bork whatever stupid meme they’re […]

20 01 2013
It’s an Assault Soapy Bubble Blower « Countenance Blog

[…] Didn’t one of you recently comment here that was a high value web target for the Chinese cracker community to target? […]

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