Fiscal Cliff’s Notes

30 12 2012

Washington, D.C.

After the red wave election of 2010, I noted in this space that John Boehner was an accidental beneficiary of a movement he didn’t start, or help, or, as his actions now demonstrate, even liked.  I remember saying that if you were a newly elected House Republican, and on Line 1 was Boehner and on Line 2 was “Chief Fund Raiser for (fill in the blank) Tea Party (fill in the blank),” guess which line you’re answering first.

If I knew this then, I’m sure Obama knows it now.  This is why I think Obama wants to go over the oh-so-dreaded fiscal cliff.  For if he was serious about not wanting to do so, and serious about actually swinging a deal, he wouldn’t be wasting one second talking with Boehner as if he matters at all.  He’d be negotiating with the activists from groups with “Tea Party” in their names, and with House Republicans that proudly associate themselves with the TPM.




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