It Wasn’t Free. You Paid For It. But They Swiped Their EBT Anyway.

30 12 2012

The Bronx

Various takedowns of “bodegas” (Hispanic corner stores) in The Bronx and Brooklyn of phony EBT/SNAP transactions for cash from the cashbox.

Yeah, the kids might go hungry, but some adults are comfortably fixed for drug fixes and/or bling.  And, most importantly of all, New York remains plenty diverse.

Seriously, what frosts me is that there’s some elderly white woman who looks like she could be my grandmother doing without tonight so that these things could have food stamps they’re not even using to buy food.




2 responses

31 12 2012
The Friendly Grizzly

Let’s look at the EBT/Food Stamp thing for what it is. It is a farm program, nothing more and nothing less. The same is true for the adulterated gas we are all compelled to buy. Ethanol is a farm program.

Put the “poor” back on commodities and surplus. It was good enough for returning GIs who were in college; it was good enough for the actual poor in the 1960s. Let the poor who have TVs, cell phones, cable, and paid utilities, live on corn meal, blocks of cheese, surplus flour, and margarine.

1 01 2013
Bon, From the Land of Babble

You should see the “poor children” I have in the LAUSD. ALL of them are on the NSLP (that’s the official acronym, BTW)– which means free breakfast, lunch and in some places, dinner; in my district, it means year-round obama-approved food even when school is closed!! They also have EBT cards — yet the vast majority have expensive smart phones, the latest i-gadgets, iPads, Beats headphones, kicks, make-up,hair extensions and nails, full cable TV, the families drive late-model cars — and they receive EITC checks at the end of the year worth thousands of dollars.

The ones that work, work for cash under the table so they qualify for free everything. It’s a scam, alright, with White American taxpayers –who are becoming an endangered species in my home state, California — footing the bill.

My colleague says give ’em a bag of rice, a bag of beans and that’s it!

Eventually, this is what it WILL come to for all of us–after all White wealth has been confiscated.


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