All the Charm

1 01 2013

Fairfax, Virginia

My two least favorite people on Earth with whom I agree more than I disagree are in a food fight with each other.

Gotta score this punch for the emaciated barbie doll.  WLP has all the charm of an Inside-the-Beltway (NRA home office:  Fairfax, Virginia) corporate lobbyist and all the efficacy of a slightly above average one.  Because that’s what he is, in essence.  If you want to believe that the NRA is basically the lobbying arm of the domestic small arms industry, (and I used to think that, basically because I falsely assumed that industry funding of the NRA was way more important to NRA finances than membership dues, when in reality as I came to find out through back channels, they’re about the same), then WLP is just another D.C. corporate lobbyist.

But what that means is that there’s a necessary trade off being a good or good enough lobbyist and being an eloquent silver throated man of the grass roots (Charlton Heston) or a sharp-as-tack well read well studied done-your-homework academic (John Lott).




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