I Told You This Was Coming

1 01 2013


Local control means civilian review board.

Some snarky ass blogger in this town kept saying it over and over.  But no, they didn’t want to believe him.

In this article, we find out why in essence Chief-to-Be Sam Dotson was made the new Chief, jumping over a whole rank and several finalists who hold that rank, to be the new Chief.  Two reasons:  One, he was on Mayor Slay’s suit-and-tie security detail, and two, he was a member (probably the only white member) of that rinky dink organization of black city cops, the “Ethical Society of Po-leeceseseseseses,” aka The Fifth Column.  This means the current BOPC members, even though they’re all still Gubernatorial appointees at the moment, save Slay who is ex officio on the BOPC, read the tea leaves and probably let Slay make the final decision in hopes that they get to stay on as police commissioners when local control takes full effect.

What else did we learn, boys and girls?  We learned that Sam Dotson is a Joe Mokwa-style insipid suck ass, squared.




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1 01 2013

Tim Fitch was not available to be cloned?

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