In House

1 01 2013

Talk Radio

Why won’t Rush be back until Thursday, when most of talk radio will be back tomorrow?  Why will some boring unlistenable drip be filling in for him tomorrow?

Rush is syndicated by Clear Channel.  Fox Sports Radio, in spite of its name, is actually a Clear Channel operation that licenses Fox imagery and media from News Corporation.  FSR is debuting a new show tomorrow, hosted by comedian/TV star Jay Mohr.  He takes over Jim Rome’s time slot.  Which just so happens to be Rush’s time slot.

CC’s suits probably “encouraged” Rush to extend his vacation one more day so that extra ears would be on Jay Mohr’s newly debuting show.

As an aside, when Rush does his show from Los Angeles, he likes to pretend he’s doing it from a super secret location.  When in reality it’s obvious that he’s doing it from a Sherman Oaks building near 405/101 that Clear Channel’s Southern California stations and interests operate out of, including George Noory’s show (when he’ s doing Coast-to-Coast from L.A.) and Fox Sports Radio itself, for FSR personalities that operate out of SoCal.  How do I know this?  At one point in 2009, Rush was a guest on the Fox Sports Radio show that came on after his own show ends (Petros and Money at the time), to talk about his voice-over work for that Family Guy episode (which is why he was in L.A.), and he was a guest on that show during its very first segment, right after his own show ended.  Which, considering that infamous SoCal traffic, means that Rush had to have been doing his own show within walking distance, which means he was in the same building.




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