Denny’s Committment to Diversity

3 01 2013


You’ve read probably ten different versions of the same story already.

And now you’re here for what I think and what you know in your heart of hearts is the rest of the story.

Mark me — Denny’s “committment to serving customers of all races” (i.e. their succumbing to Jesse Jackson style extortion in the 1990s), plus the fact that this Denny’s is in rapidly blackening Belleville, plays into this somehow.  I bet the customers “uncomfortable” with seeing (probably white) Belleville cops openly armed inside that Denny’s were black.  And they were “uncomfortable” probably because they’re uncomfortable with seeing (white) cops to begin with, and the probable reason for that is because there are warrants out there for their arrest.




One response

3 01 2013

I’ve only purchased food from Denny’s once since they succumbed to the shakedown, and I regret even that.

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