Same Auld Lang Syne

3 01 2013

Springfield, Illinois

Believe me, the proponents of this bill have absolutely no delusions that what they’re pushing will actually pass.

This is just the same ole Mexican standoff that happens in Illinois politics over 2A politics year in and year out.  One side brings it all to the Maginot Line, forcing the other side to do the same, and the line doesn’t move.

The reason the antis have a big incentive to load up all their “big guns” (so to speak) is because of the recent decision on the part of the Federal Appeals Court forcing Illinois to adopt CCW.  They want the pro-carry side to give up.

UPDATE 3:30 PM:  Dropped.  Now, if the pro-CCW side quietly gives up its court battle, then we’ll know there was a back room QPQ, if not then there truly wasn’t the steam for this massive anti bill even among Illinois Democrats.




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