Who Is Lil Reese?

3 01 2013


Whoever he is, he just became the most hated musician in St. Louis since Axl Rose.

Twitter was all abuzz last night that this “Lil Reese” clod tweeted something along the lines of “Fuck St. Louis.”  It took me a bit of searching, and I found out that “Lil Reese” is one of Chief Keef’s running mates, and of course Chief Keef is that dickhead who deliberately shot at a Chicago cop to make himself a rap star.  (Publicity seeking behavior, anyone?  He’s another one I’ll start ignorning.)  Anyway, in Chief Keef’s first song after he shot the cop, (“I Don’t Like”), “Lil Reese” makes a guest appearance.

Both are in pine boxes by 25.  That’s that shit I’ll like.




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