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4 01 2013



CNN’s Ali Velshi Might Be Right About How Low-Information America Understands Economics

RUSH: Ali Velshi, obviously, ladies and gentlemen, is a low-information reporter. Ali Velshi, the economics guru at CNN, said last night: “Republicans need to understand the difference between the debt ceiling and debt.”

He’s saying that you can’t use the debt ceiling to try to control spending, and he said the Republicans are making a big mistake. He said the American people understand economics now.

How?  Is Kim Kardashian’s ass giving out economics lessons?


So we thought we’d put the theory that the American people understand economics now, Ali Velshi’s theory, to the test.  So we went to Entertainment Tonight.  We have a portion of Christina McLarty.  She’s the infobabe at Entertainment Tonight.  She had a report about speculation that Kim Kardashian may pose nude while pregnant.

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4 01 2013

And so we speed ever so much faster toward the day when only the politically corrupt morally repugnant products of modernity are the cultural ambassadors of America …..

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