What’s Stinkin’ in Lincoln?

5 01 2013

Lincoln, Nebraska

Mayor floating “gun control.”

Maybe not for no good reason.  You see, the juvenile citizens of Lincoln are duly vibrant and diverse.  And the young men among them are known to engage in such upstanding first world behavior such as not wearing shirts and not sitting on proper furniture while U.S. Marines address them about “the importance of respect and honor.”

IOW, Lincoln is becoming a third world dump.  The town couldn’t have a more ironic name.  An additional layer of irony would be if the local NRA resists whatever the Mayor will propose, because the NRA was established after the War Between the States because Union soldiers were generally such bad shots compared to their good guy counterparts wearing gray, so enter the NRA to teach the slugs north of the Mason-Dixon line how to shoot and shoot straight should the Yankee government start another war.




2 responses

5 01 2013

In researching possible place to relocate to, Lincoln was only considered for 30 seconds. Lincoln is a college town, which means lots of liberal voters voting, in a place where there will never permanently reside, to destroy the place in their chose image.

5 01 2013

Looking at the pics on the original article in the Lincoln NE paper you linked to back in April. The shirtless “golden warriors” (Hispanic teenage boys playing basketball) seem to have their street clothes strewn about the office while they’re paying attention to the Marine talk to them about honor. Can’t someone teach these golden warriors how to use a locker room?

“Golden warriors” my foot. The University of Nebraska probably hires some third party firm to do grounds and maintenance and lawn work, such as Top Care, and those firms like to hire Hispanic men, and these “golden warriors” are probably their teenage sons destined for either more lawn work or prison.

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