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6 01 2013


Irish and Germans drink.  Wow, that’s news.

*  “His motive for the burglaries is unclear.”

As if motive for a burglary is so hard to discern.  One could make the case that all seven of the seven deadly sins could be the motive for any one person’s any one burglary.

Black man steals $500 from his nephew to buy hoes and dope — Not news.  What’s really news is that a black kid had the self-discpline to save $500 without first blowing it on bling or shoes.

Two stupid asses.  A gun found behind a restaurant was a gun hidden behind a restaurant because it was stashed there, because it was a gun recently used in area violent crimes, or probably more accurately, it was the community thug gun.  Therefore, the last thing I would do is put my fingerprints all over a gun that’s been used in God knows how many violent crimes, thereby making myself a suspect in all of them.  I sure wouldn’t bring it home to play Russian Roulette with a friend.

Besides, both individuals in this story, as it turns out, 16 years old, aren’t allowed to own concealable firearms (handguns) for their age alone.  So the only legal course of action for the young man who first found the gun was to call the cops.

Compare this story to this story from this admittedly left wing source.  The difference should jump right out at you.

Lake St. Louis cops find perps and loot in a secret compartment.  St. Louis County cops can’t find dead body in a closet whose door is unlocked and open.

He’s an almost 30 ppg junior guard.  Missouri high school basketball has only 32 minutes of clock time per regulation game, so averaging almost 30 a game is no small feat.  Yet, the only solid scholarship offer he has received so far is from the University of Northern Colorado, and Yale is “seriously interested” in him.  What, no Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Indiana, UCLA?  Of course not — Wrong color.

She lived to be 111, and the East St. Louisan “Epps-Miller is survived by her son James Levoid Epps, Sr., five grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, 23 great-great-grandchildren and two great-great-great-grandchildren.”  After the Darnell “Boss Man” McGee scandal came and went, and he died of “lead poisoning” at the age of 18, and it was revealed that he spread his own case of AIDS to more than 100 girls and women, some of the girls as young as 12, the P-D informed us that “Boss Man” was one of his mother’s 21 children, who in turn at the time begat 105 grandchildren and again in turn 110 great-grandchildren, “the time” being the summer of 1998 (surely more by now).  By comparison Miss Epps-Miller and her progeny were not as as fecund, even though she lived for so long that she was “survived” by only one son, though she probably outlived more of her own children, and probably some of the grandchildren.


*  Officially unprovoked.  Unofficially (truthfully), the first black-on-white hate crime as a result of Django Unchained agitprop.

Obama’s single-handed dismantling of American immigration law by fiat continues, pretty much unchallenged.

This is what happens when you make citizenship worthless and detach it from any real meaning.

Education and health care are quickly becoming the new “salt mines,” in that they have become the places that hire people for the sake of hiring people.

Pigford starts to blow up in our faces in 2013.  Fiscal cliff?  We went over it years ago.

There should have been no suspension at all or any punishment, because it was a practical joke.  But the NAACP, ever so concerned about too many suspensions of black students, intervened to have the “punishment” of a white prankster made more harsh.  This noose doesn’t look like it could strangle a mouse to death.

It’s obvious that everyone involved is gearing up for a ghetto lottery play.

*  Remember, action and fear are two sides of the same coin.  Yes, the kook left is getting full of itself, and exposing its true colors.  But the more fruit they get, the easier it will be to resist their racial agenda openly.

*  We’ve come full circle.  We just had to get rid of cigarette vending machines, but now we’re going to bring them back for weed.

Of course, that’s because it’s all a “Who? Whom?” thing.  Weed smokers are officially cool, cigarette smokers might as well not be human.

It is said that the weed vending machines will have ID verification technology.  First off, I thought photo ID was racist.  Second, if it has it, then why can’t they bring back cigarette vending machines and use the same ID verification technology?

Why is the town “divided” when it should be an open-and-shut matter that anyone with a brain should take her side?  Answer:  Football.  Which is why I keep pounding the keyboard for all football to be forced to take a season off as penance for all the debauchery we tolerate in the name of football.  And I don’t mean just Jerry Sandusky.

*  “Why do girls get better grades in elementary school than boys-even when they perform worse on standardized tests?

Answer:  Elementary education is a henocracy.

*  Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is a dumbass.  He actually believed Biden, and thought that a promise from Biden was worth something, such that Menino actually went out and ran his mouth.  Meanwhile, we realize that Obama has actually punted on “gun control” precisely because he handed the ball on “gun control” off to Biden.

Wasn’t Biden the one who promised that unemployment would never top 8% if we passed ARRA?

You’ll find out in the long paragraph that this whole thing started with a mahogany mob.

*  As part of a settlement of a lawsuit brought by a leftist stink tank and the state of Massachusetts, (Hello?  Kettle suing pot?), about the state being lax in its efforts to get welfare recipients to vote, (Hello?  Why bother?  Democrats will win everything anyway, and any “Republican” that winds up winning on an accident will be so much the RINO that he or she might as well be a Democrat), the state welfare agencies can’t find some 19,000 welfare recipients, enough to fill Boston Garden.  In a twist, the daughter of the Dime Store Indian, who just turned out one of those accidential RINOs for the Senate seat, is the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of this leftist stink tank.

It’s a shame to throw away such promising lives by putting in them in prison for the rest of their lives, when some of them were just on the verge of curing cancer.

*  News that’s here today gone today:  FEC fines Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign $375k over improprieties.  It is one of the largest fines the FEC has ever levied against a Presidential candidacy.  Of course it won’t matter — I doubt Obama will be worried about collecting his own fine against himself from himself.  If his successor in 2017 is a Republican who will seem to want to clean house, if he hasn’t found a Hollywood bundler to write the check, he’ll pardon himself on the way out.

Why is ICE enforcing kiddie porn laws?  Shouldn’t the FBI enforcing kiddie porn laws and ICE be enforcing immigration laws?

No, because we don’t enforce immigration laws anymore.  But the colossus of Federal employees that used to enforce immigration laws still need a reason to exist, in order to keep on having a budget alloted to them so they can keep their fancy Federal jobs.  So immigration authorities are farmed out to politically “safe” investigations which nobody opposes.  After all, there is no powerful child porn lobby inside the beltway…yet.

*  Invade the world, invite the world, the world rapes our teenage boys.

The report stated that the 23-year-old Saudi national told investigators that he had the boy perform oral sex on him ‘for just a couple of seconds,’ and then ‘accidentally’ raped him.”

How can you rape someone accidentally?  Actually, the first millsecond of oral sex was statutory rape.  Even in Vegas.

Good.  As far as I’m concerned, Obama can pull out all the crony capitalist tricks he can to get every big box out of the retail firearms business.  That’s because the retail firearms business should be the province of little boxes.  There should be some industry in this society not “big” this and “big” that.

Why wouldn’t the typical American college freshman think highly of him or her self?  That’s all everyone’s been telling him or her for the past 17-19 years.

When reality bitch-slaps them in the face, it will be reality’s fault.  At which time they’ll scream to whatever Barack Claus politician is in power to alter reality to their whims.


Why should they be worried about being unemployable, when Barack Claus will give them checks and EBTs?  Except this is Britain, so it won’t be Barack Claus in as much as it will be Cameron Claus and Clegg Claus and Miliband Claus.

Car-B-Que, the new “French” culinary tradition.

*  Funny.  “Africa” and “crime” involved in the same sentence.  Who would have thought?

And also…they’re late to the party.  419 scams are about as old as the popular internet.  So much so that “Nigeria” is now a synonym for “scam.”

*  Controversy?  The white kid wanted to pretend that he was his favorite soccer player, who happens to be non-white.  You’d think the diversity industry would be thrilled.  Nontroversy.

Do you get the feeling that a good chunk of Iceland wants to start calling itself Booshondia, Shitavious, Latrina, Aquanetta, N’D’Mario and N’Deshawntavious?

Spain was getting ready to rob Peter to pay Paul, just to find out that it already robbed Peter years ago.

This means when a Spaniard retires, his state pension will be an IOU of an IOU of real money which by then will itself be worthless.

Pictures from the dying days of what just a few years before these pictures were taken seemed to be an impervious superpower that had not even a half century before “won” a major world war and credibly divided the world with the other “winner” of that major world war.

A preview of coming attractions, comma, you and I.

Overextended themselves in Afghanistan?  Who?  Them or us?  Answer:  Yes.


We can start calling the “Lewinsky” the “Kathy.”

Yeah, he didn’t deserve to die.  But the world is already fixed for enough photographs of one Justin Drew Bieber.

*  Never put a cop in a situation where he fears for his life.  But if I was ever in this situation, exactly this situation, and I was the cop, I’d start pointing to the naked man’s junk and start laughing at it.  Of course he’ll drop his weapon and cover up his junk out of embarassment.  Then slap on the cuffs.

*  I’m not worried.  The boss is still named “Al.”

Okay.  Very well.  So what color should our Federal government use?

*  Answers that.  I wondered what the catch was in Notre Dame football’s return to prominence, if the school weakened admissions standards for football players so that it could admit more fast dumb blacks to have more speed on defense.  This says that the average SAT of a ND football player is 400 points lower than the SAT of regular students.  I’m starting to doubt whether ND ever did have the same admissions standards for both football players and regular students, and what they really did by “weakening” standards for football players was to widen the disparity.

This is what happens when you get your (A)freak(a) on.



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6 01 2013
Bon, From the Land of Babble

Re: Education hiring for the sake of hiring. I’ve always maintained that the Dept. of (Mis)Education is NOT about education — it is being used as a pressure valve to hire and promote non-Whites with degrees who have no place to go. Where else are black Ph.D in education — or those with degrees in “gender studies,” black studies, Chicano studies, “wimmin’s” studies going to get hired? They are all over the K-12 schools, the vast majority of them completely incompetent — but competent in barking out Marxist blather and social justice theories.

As for the universities — the UCs in California have increased tuition by 75% over the past 5 years and complain bitterly about “all the cuts” and “raises in class size” that they’ve had to endure…


They choose to expand, and especially enforce “diversity” — with NO cost spared! At UCSD (San Diego) there is a Chancellor of Diversity, vice chancellor for faculty equity, assistant vice chancellor for diversity, graduate diversity coordinators, chief diversity officer, office of academic diversity, cross-cultural centers… ALL fully funded — while I’m hit every week for MORE donations for the UCs on top of the satanic taxes I pay in this state to fund the UCs AND illegal alien scholarships. I’m sure ALL of the UCs have these expensive diversity officers, chancellors, offices, departments, coordinators – all making six figure salaries.

Pissed off? You bet I am.


7 01 2013

QD… you mentioned on AmRen that you had to work as a fry cook? You might appreciate this song. It’s performed by a St. Louis guy.

7 01 2013

I’ve hinted around it here. After Todd’s campaign ended, I was on unemployment for a week. But a week into it, I saw a help wanted indication for a breakfast fry cook at a bar, and I inquired about it, the boss gave me an “audition” (i.e. I had to fry their common breakfast foods to see if I could actually do it, and I could), and I figure I better take it before even that is unavailable in the job market. Permanent accounting around here has been dead for a long time, and the temp agency I used before Todd’s campaign has also dried up. Sure, I could have lounged around on UE waiting for something better, but I don’t want to get used to indolence. I was UEd for the first two or so months of 2010, and I hated having nothing to do. Also, what if nothing better comes along, and I missed out on this relatively menial boat and there’s absolutely nothing available by the time my UE runs out?

Still, I was told I’d be limited to 29 hours a week. You’ll never guess why.

I’m amazed someone is actually playing the drums and cymbals these days, i.e. they’re just not letting some computer insert the sounds.

7 01 2013

It’s a crime that someone like you has to take a job slinging hash to pay the bills but it’s admirable that you’re doing it. Why are you limited to 29 hours?

7 01 2013

ObamaCare. A 30 hour a week or more employee puts the employer into a whole new world of bureaucratic and paperwork hurt thanks to OC.

7 01 2013

You’ve linked to two stories involving white criminal suspects in this article. Who says you don’t cover white crime?

Bieber: Turns out, he has a new friend, who has to roll his dobbies for him:

7 01 2013

Finally, this means that Little Itsa has finally started his downhill career arc, when he took his first drag.

7 01 2013

You ever look into HRBlock?

I stopped there today just to see — but you have to do the class in the summer and “First Year Tax Professionals” are paid only hourly wage …. but it would give me something to fall back on in the future.

7 01 2013

Block around here has all the help it needs.

BTW I’m surprised you’re not all over my money supply post like a duck on a june bug.

7 01 2013

I am just kind of out of it …. unemployment does that.

8 01 2013

Perhaps a better song to post would of been “Fanfare for the Common Man.”

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