Advertising Works

7 01 2013

Madison Avenue and Capitol Hill

Me, December 22:

If firearms mfg. corporations had interlocking relationships with media conglomerates, and/or if there were far many more gun ads on TV, the media would love the NRA. The media hate tobacco because there are no consequences in doing so — Cigarette advertising has been FCC banned since 1970 or so. All about the money.

WND wonders why there has been virtually no media scrutiny about SSRIs.  (No link, b/c WND names the Nutmeg Nutbar.)  Duh — Pharma shovels a lot of money into media advertisements, and in fact, there were until fairly recently prime time buys for SSRIs themselves, (e.g. Prozac, Zoloft).  Michael Savage has half jokingly half not called for drug testing Congress, and I’m sure we’d find out that a good chunk of it and most Democrats are on SSRIs.  People bitch about the NRA’s lobbying budget, but Pharma’s lobbying budget is probably 20 times as big.  Oops, did I say 20?  I meant to say 80.  Pharma helped to get REPUBLICANS to vote for what was at the time the biggest expansion of the social welfare state since the Great Society, that being Medicare Part D in 2003.  (Not making a moral judgment about whether we needed Medicare D or not, I’m just making an observation about politics and pressure.)




2 responses

7 01 2013

Also on SSRIs: The wackos who think that trillion dollar coins are a jolly good idea.

7 01 2013

The only thing worse than all the pharma ads are all the ads by the scummy Hovaround and other scummy medical device types ….

You have just solved the riddle: How and why does the media pick “winners”?

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