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7 01 2013


We’ll find out tonight whether God is a Catholic or a Baptist.




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7 01 2013

Don’t particularly care about this game, so I won’t vote in this poll. But everyone is talking about RG3. Shanahan, who had to have known about RG3’s real status, could have replaced him with Kirk Cousins when the ‘Skins went up 14-0, he and Alfred Morris’s running could have managed the game, held the lead and milked the clock, more likely than the ‘Hawks coming back to win, which they indeed did in reality.


You’ll see there that Kirk Cousins had a good stat line for the entire game he started in lieu of RG3, who was too hurt even to dress much less play that game. So Cousins was capable.

I think the REAL reason Shanahan let RG3 in so long is that pulling him so early like I suggest he should have, (and assuming that Cousins/Morris would have been adequate cruise controllers), would have borked the notion that RG3, the media’s “next great black QB hope” (until Russell Wilson came along) is singularly responsible for the ‘Skins turnaround. Also, Shanahan isn’t as good a coach as Shanahan thinks he is — He has had exactly one playoff win since Elway retired. IOW, Shanahan has too much invested in his own ego and RG3’s race, such that if people start questioning either, both are ego-deflated.

7 01 2013

I am a Christian, I attend a Southern Baptist Church and I am rooting for Notre Dame to win… where is the check box for that choice?

7 01 2013

Notre Dame = Half of America will get drunk.

7 01 2013
Bon, From the Land of Babble

Notre Dame vs. Alabama?? Who cares?

It’s Millard Fillmore’s birthday today and I’m going to party like it’s 1899!!


8 01 2013

I agree, who cares ….. but I did just look up the score so I wouldn’t seem the complete idiot.

But shouldn’t the “Whig Party” be like it is 1800?

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