Margin Call

7 01 2013


I’ll net this movie out:

Mid-level managerial munchkin is doing some complex mathematics using pen and paper.  In a split second, he sees something so horrible that it makes his eyes bulge out, as if a super giant grizzly bear is making a beeline straight toward him.  Cue the ominous orchestral music, and ramp it up as he hurriedly rushes out of his office, heads toward the elevators, waits for an “up” elevator to ring, then the music gets even louder as the elevator with him in it slowly makes its way upward to the top floor.

Munchkin gets to the top floor, sees the CEO in an impromptu meeting that at least to the CEO is more important business than talking to the Munchkin at the moment.  Orchestral music calms down as Munchkin waits for the CEO to pay him attention.  CEO finally does that, and the music stops.  CEO and Munchkin walk off to the side.

Munchkin whispers to CEO, showing him his handwritten pen-and-paper math:  “Did you know, sir?  All our assets are built on top of the rock solid foundation of $720,000 mortgages issued to illegal alien Hispanic strawberry pickers making $14,000 a year.”

CEO whispers to Munchkin, while looking him in the eye:  “Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?”

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One response

7 01 2013

I do not think there was one person who was truly didn’t know what happened in 3 or 5 years when they got their loan.

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