Competing For Bucks

8 01 2013


Gabby + Mark Kelly starting a new gun control foundation. They say they want to compete with and beat the NRA. But how do you expect to do that when you’re only creating competition with the Brady organization, such that a dollar given to it is not a dollar given to Brady, and vice-versa?

It won’t be a foundation to lobby for more “gun control,” and it won’t be a political force to take on the NRA. It will be a tax exempt slush fund to hawk the tragedy of Gabby Giffords to hire people with surname Kelly and Giffords, and various in-laws of theirs.  You see, nobody is actually economically productive anymore, we just hustle for donations based on reputations and sob stories, then hire our niece’s new husband for a lifetime sinecure.




3 responses

9 01 2013

Gabby is, in my opinion, officially a retard. Yeah, it sucks that it happened but will people wake up and listen to the “intelligence” she is able to drool out?

This will be her platform for sentences of four to six single syllable words, and pay her six figures to do it.

27 01 2013
2 02 2013
Worm Turn « Countenance Blog

[…] reading some of this is like reading myself.  I’m the one who told you that the new Giffords organization was far more about hustling than winning.  I’m the one who told you that most elected Republican leaders are on this issue and most […]

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