Not Chicago

8 01 2013



His name is Ronnell Hood.  He fired at a St. Louis City cop with a rifle.

He threw himself on the mercy of the court.

The ACA wanted 20 years.

The judge gave him four years.

SLPOA and newly minted Police Chief Sam Dotson outraged.

First off, look on the bright side:  He got four years — Chief Keef didn’t even do a month for shooting at a Chicago cop.  Then again, the Mississippi River is wide, very wide.  Even though it’s literally too low for comfort right now.

Second, why is Dotson and his cavorting with the anti-white pro-black “Ethical Society of Police” self and his banter about embracing a civilian review board (giving cracker jack box theology degree black preachers veto power over the actions of white cops) outraged at all?  You’d think the social justice-y aspect of this story would make him happier than a pig in slop.

Third, I won’t link to the story because it names the judge who only gave him four years, because the judge is actually a crucial part of the story.  But I looked her up.  And yes, I’m sure he saw her, and figured that he’d get a relative slap on the hand if he threw himself onto her “mercy.”  Her CV lists her as a graduate of Howard Law School and a Bob Holden appointee, which should tell you everything.




One response

8 01 2013

We all know the four years he’ll do won’t be the only four years he’ll ever do. This is just his first of many installments of life in prison on the installment plan. Unless it isn’t his first installment.

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