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8 01 2013

Talk Radio


And then, I don’t know if you noticed this or not or if you’ve heard about this, but a number of Second Amendment defenders are planning a pro-gun rally on The Mall in Washington on the Saturday before Obama’s immaculation.  That is going to drive the Drive-Bys crazy.  They’re already insane over guns.  They’re insane over the fact that a majority of Americans, a clear majority wants guns.  They are blown away by the popularity of guns.  They are scared to death that so many people are now going and buying guns, because, you see, the Drive-Bys, they’ve tried everything they can. They’ve tried to make the Second Amendment be something that was written for hunters.

Have you ever noticed that when you hear a liberal talk about the Second Amendment they always say, “Well, I’m all for guns. Clearly we should have guns for hunting.”  That’s not why the Second Amendment was written.  The Founding Fathers didn’t put the Second Amendment in the Constitution for hunters.  If you read it, “well-regulated militia.”  What the hell is that?  It’s clearly a militaristic implication. It’s even more than an implication.  And you know, nobody ever talks about the Third Amendment.  Do you know what the Third Amendment says?

Off the top of your head, does anybody know what the Third Amendment says?  It’s really fascinating to look at the Third Amendment. Of course, it comes right after the Second.  That’s simple math.  The Third Amendment is the one that says no citizen can offer housing to a member of the United States military under certain circumstances.  It is obvious if you read the Second Amendment in conjunction with the Third what the Second Amendment’s all about, and it’s not about hunting.

Anyway, the Drive-Bys are just beside themselves, because they’ve done everything they can in terms of wielding influence to discredit gun owners, gun buyers, gun manufacturers, gun sellers, gun users, and we still have between 270 million and 300 million guns in the country.  And of course the Drive-Bys know that there really is no way that even Obama can issue an executive order and have everybody go pick their guns up and have them turned in.  That won’t fly.  So, anyway, this big pro-gun rally on the Saturday before Obama’s immaculation, they’re gonna have a cow.


Folks, I have a major correction to make. I was totally misinformed, and there’s a lesson there. There is not a gun rally on The Mall. Gun groups are not going to rally on The Mall. Instead what’s being called for is a Gun Appreciation Day on the Saturday prior to Obama’s inauguration. No gathering on the mall. It’s Gun Appreciation Day. Gun owners are being encouraged to turn it out “out en masse at gun stores, ranges and shows from coast to coast.” They want to be as public as they can in their support of guns on the Saturday prior to Obama’s inauguration. I was misinformed when I was told that there was a rally on The Mall on the Saturday beforehand. They probably couldn’t get a permit for that.

This is a very lost part of American Constitutional jurisprudence, that the Third Amendment even exists, and that it comes right after the Second Amendment for a reason.

BTW, which libs really like or endorse hunting animals?  Give them half a chance and they’d ban that, too.  The only reason they bring up hunting is in a psychological maneuver to make you think that 2A doesn’t apply to firearms impractical to hunting.  Personally, I wouldn’t bring up the wanton killing of animals in 2A apologetics at all.




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