Tuesday Wrap-Up

8 01 2013


And soon, too, he’ll be charged with felon-in-possession.

There will be some people in this world really pissed off that he could be so mean to an iPhone.

This is probably the only white crime in North City you’ll read about this decade.  And no, it didn’t matter that the gun she used turned out to be a toy.  State law defines it as Robbery-First as long as the weapon used seems to the average sane person to be a deadly weapon.  You could fashion your fingers under your clothes in a gun-like way, and that would be Robbery-First.

Madigan will ask for an en banc from Appeals-7 over their CCW ruling.  I don’t think this is QPQ for the grabbers backing down in the legislature for now, because it was expected that she would do this.  If the pro side dropped their lawsuit, that would be a clue of QPQ.


Running a dope trafficking ring out of a Hispanic market?  Who knew?  Who could have guessed?

In related news, drivers licenses (and eventually, voter registration cards) for illegal aliens in Illinois soon coming.  This isn’t just a Chicago problem — There is a signficant Hispanic contingent in the Metro East, mainly around Fairmont City, stoop labor for the horseradish fields.

It made monetary sense to try and run this scam.  But I think these schools’ principals and administrators had another intangible reason — The percentage of a school’s student body that is on free or reduced lunch is often used as a roundabout proxy for poverty, and I’m sure if it reaches or surpasses a certain threshold, it means either more money for the school and/or decreased scrutiny of the school’s bad performance which lets the teachers and administrators off the hook.  (Even though they should never be on the hook, because it’s the fault of the low IQ students unwilling or unable to learn, far more than “bad” teachers.)

This article had me nodding my head, right up until this point:

Other cities have had epidemics of gang violence, such as Los Angeles — which once had as high a murder rate as Chicago, but which is now only about half as high. That city seems to have tamed the beast somewhat.

“Tamed the beast.”  They’re going to hear about that.

The real reason the violent crime rate in Los Angeles now is that blacks are being chased out of L.A., by their only known real predators, Hispanics.


Appreciate what?  By the time January 19 comes along, all there will be to appreciate is a bunch of empty shelves and year-long back order times for anything these shops have to offer.

Man gets high on drugs or bath salts, gets naked, breaks into house, pretends to be a dog, fights with Rottie, homeowner returns.

*  Stolen van with guns inside?  In this day and age, you’d think the cops would care.  But not Detroit.

The job interviewing style once known as “The Microsoft Interview” is a spreading fad.

End run around diversity and affirmative action, maybe?

Oh no, don’t tell John Engelman on AR this news, it’ll make him cry on his poster of FDR.

BTW, Krugman has shifted course and is now on the Trillion Dollar Coin Nutbar Express.

Suspicious terms indicative of corporate fraud occurring.  What was their first clue?

I can fully understand why the Library of Congress wants to collect and archive tweets, 99.9% will be useless junk.  They’re doing future historians a favor, the ones that one to catalog the downfall of American and Western civilization.

It was his first act of manhood, and unfortunately, his last and only.  After all, he lived in Mexdesto, Califaztlan.  Oh yeah, the cops are dropping the hint of “not gang related.”  Maybe not “gang” related, but definitely related to something.

Six years on.

The answer to the headline is no, because that would only lend credibility to this Kwanzaa bullshit, which is dying anyway.  The only kind of black people that really much care about Kwanzaa anymore are politically radical nationalist fringe types, and for some odd reason, one ideological protege of the late great Elizabeth Wright on Twitter.

Honey Badger Don’t Care.  He thinks he himself is all the diversity his office needs.

The “total identity thief,” as part of her plea deal, is said that she “agreed not to contest deportation after serving her sentence.”  But don’t take that to mean that she’ll actually deported after she’s let out of Federal prison — There will be a conga line of liberal do-gooders who will contest deportation for her, and the real big hangup is that her native Mexico won’t want her back.


“Cornball brother” row is back.  I’d like to know how he thinks RG3 is “pushing away” from other black people.  He’s about to marry a white woman?  Lots of “bruthas,” cornball or otherwise, do that.  It all goes back to my previous theory when Rob Parker started running his mouth — RG3 is a cornball brother because too many white people like him and at the same time hardly any white people dislike him.

*  Lack of family time due to the family members having their snoots in a doodad?  Here’s the obvious solution — Turn the fancy eatin’ table into a doodad, so that they’ll ignore each other whilst being physically close together.

*  I commented right here when I did the Chinese-Hack-CFR story that I wish that the Chinese would take down 4chan to bork whatever stupid meme they’re cooking up to send up to the cultural stratosphere.

Hint:  This involves 4chan and Justin Bieber.  So you know it’s stupid.

Yep, 1913 was a different time.  This was before the Federal Reserve and the income tax.  And also…blacks were oppressed, or being lynched, or hanged, or kept away from lunch counters, or stuffed in the back of the bus, or something like that.  Because…we didn’t appreciate diversity and recognize it as a strength.




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8 01 2013

Follow that 1913 article — There’s a PDF from a 1913 story in the L.A. Times. Turns out that a Army Major General named “Leonard Wood” specifically approved of installing machine guns in New York City public high schools for sporting and education purposes. He’s the namesake of Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood (“Lost in the Woods”)

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