Let’s Talk Commitment

9 01 2013

Southern California

This says that Kim KarTRASHian and Kanye West have “committed” to an $11 million mansion in Bel-Air.  Fine, but it’s kind of ironic to drag the concept of “commitment” into a headline about Kim KarTRASHian, who hasn’t committed to one single man for longer than 72 days in her life.  Supposedly, Weird Al Yankovic defines the unit of time “kardash” as 72 days for that very reason.

She and Kris Humphries are still legally married.  Wouldn’t it be just a hoot if his lawyer was able to find a way to get him into legally owning half that house?  It will have an amenity that’s right in his wheelhouse (read on).

Speaking of the house, as it was sold, it has 11k sq.ft., but they’re gut rehabbing it to bump it up to 14k sq.ft.  Because 11,000 square feet just isn’t quite big enough to raise a kid.  She needs the extra room and the “movie theater and full hair and makeup salon, plus … a gym, bowling alley, basketball court and indoor and outdoor pool” that will be able to fit into the expanded house for the sake of herself, the kid, and the new quasi-stepfather that kid gets every kardash.  Interesting that a basketball court is going in — Does she think that she can make up with her estranged husband?  Or does she plan on screwing her brother-in-law Lamar Odom on the side and behind Khloe’s back?  Or maybe with the duel pools, maybe she’s eyeing Michael Phelps and/or Ryan Lochte.




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