9 01 2013


“Iowa state representative calls for total gun confiscation.”

Yeah, like I’m giving that publicity whore a link.  In that case, the SVNT factor is obvious.  Yet, people are STILL giving the publicity-seeking nut behind it the publicity he wants, and making him the minor celebrity he wants to be.  How else can an obscure Iowa state representative become national news?

I will say there’s this mistaken notion out there that Iowa is some sort of “conservative” state.  Look at the Electoral College — Has only gone Republican once since Reagan’s 1984 landslide.  Iowa’s political heritage can best be described as Massachusetts/Puritan at the foundation and a whole lot of Sweden-via-Minnesota bricks.  The Missouri-Iowa state line is something of a Mason-Dixon line.




5 responses

9 01 2013

Iowa’s problem begins with the caucuses …. the secret ballot is the only way votes should be cast in the United States of America.

9 01 2013

The problem is that Iowa gets to start off the whole shebang to begin with, then New Hampshire follows. Two light blue states gets to get the ball rolling on who the major party nominees for President are.

9 01 2013

I know, and that is the problem. The rest of the country doesn’t realizes that caucuses are public shaming contests.

Imagine Todd at a caucus after his gaff …… and that is why I have hated the caucuses ever since I discovered what they truly were.

9 01 2013

God you’re right. Hardly anyone would have voiced their public support for Todd if for example a caucus was held within a week to two or three after the Fateful Sunday.

9 01 2013

I don’t mean the few faithful, I mean the henpecked husbands whose only outlet is the secret ballot, the whites teetering on the edge of supporting someone that feels like they secretly do.

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