Andrew Cuomo’s Caucasian Chimpout

10 01 2013

Albany, New York

Andrew Cuomo lost his shit on “gun control.”

I guess this means that under his own rules, he would be ineligible to own the gun he admits he owns, with his own mental health issues on display and all.

In a sane world, a judge might commit him for this unhinged rant.  In our upside down Onion world where the Los Angeles Clippers have the best record in the NBA, this Caucasian Chimpout is said to be Cuomo’s first speech of his 2016 Presidential candidacy.  I wondered if it could get any worse than Obama — Turns out the answer is Yes.

In related news, more of the kind we’re not supposed to notice for politicians rabidly foaming at the mouth over inanimate objects, 84% of the denizens on the island that hosts “evil Wall Street” voted Obama.




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