Backwards and Backwardser

11 01 2013

Springfield, Illinois

Illinois re-starting the catch-and-early-release program, though this new program is said to be more careful than the last program.  What that means is that they’ll let slightly fewer out of prison slightly less early than otherwise so their next violent crime will be slightly later than otherwise.

Because…your 15-round clip is the problem.

And also…so is your gold coin.

Funny that, two states with so little prison space (Illinois, California) want all these new gun restrictions.  Where do they think they’re going to put all these dastardly “criminals,” when there’s no space in state hoosegows for people who actually commit violent crimes?


I should back up, because I already know the answer to that.  And it was none other than my ideological patron, the man taken from this world way too soon, eight years ago next month, who coined the very phrase which answers it:  Anarcho-Tyranny.  If the Illinois legislature prohibits more than 10 round clips tomorrow, and on Sunday I cross over the river with just my empty 15-round pistol clip and nothing else, and cop nails me, I know I’ll spend more time in an Illinois state prison than one Mr. Shitavious J. Cook of Decatur will for committing murder, provided the accusation is true.  Furthermore, it will be said that I and my 15-round clip am the cause of Shitavious allegedly committing murder.




One response

11 01 2013

Any updates on the Shitavious situation?

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