Readjusting My Thinking

11 01 2013


I still think all the talk about a trillion dollar coin is SVNT.

But the fact that so many “credible” people are even halfway seriously considering it I think means something.  Historically, this is the economic rhetoric of a slowly crumbling empire.  I’m sure you can find plenty of similar analogues in recent history (decline and end of the USSR) and ancient history (decline and dismemberment of the Western Roman Empire).




3 responses

12 01 2013

This Trillion Dollar coin is the most ridiculous idea ever sounded. What would make a gimmicky trinket ever worth more than the bonds/notes it was essentially trying to replace?

Or has this country fallen so far that a gimmicky trinket is an acceptable form of collateral? Why not pawn Jack’s, I mean Barack’s magic beans instead?

12 01 2013

He hasn’t had time to think of that idea yet. He’s still working on the executive order to carve his own image on Mount Rushmore right away.

12 01 2013


The United States of America has become a gimmicky trinket in and of itself.

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