Peter Kindercare Doesn’t Understand Everything

12 01 2013


The candidate forum for the many Republican candidates that are hoping for the blessing from the district’s Republican cigar munchers to replace Jo Ann Emerson in CD-8 was in Salem yesterday.

Peter Kindercare, the odds-on-favorite, said thus:

He also voiced his opposition to new proposals to limit gun rights like a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines, as proposed by California U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (legislation supported by Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill).

“Assault weapons is a misused term,” Kinder said, “used by suburban soccer moms who do not understand what is being discussed here.” He reiterated his support of concealed weapons and the “Castle Doctrine.”

He’s right.  But don’t forget, he’s also a big time “lover” (yes, the first word starts with “n”), and at least many suburban soccer moms have a sufficient base fear of the very kind of reprobates Peter Kindercare loves, even if suburban soccer moms have been browbeaten by the dictates of political correctness never to say those kinds of nasty things in public.  Steve Sailer often wonders if the support for “gun control” among suburban soccer moms is really their roundabout way of wanting control of black people.




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