Moron to Moron

13 01 2013


McMoron spoke on WVON.  ‘Nuff said.

McPalin should realize that we’ve been through this paranoia before.  Florida was the first big state to re-legalize CCW in the modern era.  In the debate running up to their doing so, any number of police chiefs in Florida were so worried about getting in shootouts with permit holders that they ran out and procured machine guns for their departments.  As if the kind of person who goes into a building full of cops to get a carry permit is in the mood to shoot cops.

However, I think there’s a Machiavellian political strategery in McPilgrim’s madness.  If Illinois gets CCW or is forced into adopting it, and Chicago can’t weasel its way out of it, he’s pre-cooking up the political narrative to blame CCW permit holders for when something, anything goes wrong, even if whatever goes wrong doesn’t involve CCW permit holders (and rarely would it).  It would be an ideal way not to blame the natives for anything.




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14 01 2013
Stuck Between Two Pages « Countenance Blog

[…] “A straw purchaser would be unlikely to risk going to a state police barracks and submitting to a fingerprinting…”  What he’s trying to say is that the very act of getting fingerprinted in a building full of cops acts as a deterrent to keep ne’er-do-wells away.  Well, remember CCW in Florida? […]

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