Obama: I Want the Whole Hog

13 01 2013

Mexico Del Norte

There will be no salami slicing our way to amnesty and open borders here in the Hopeychanger 2.0 era.

Obama wants what he wants, and he wants it all right now.

He wants a real big super huge piece of omnibus legislation that can be crammed through right away.

You know, sorta like “comprehensive.”  Which worked out so well politically for Bush.

Because when you’re boiling a frog, the best idea is to jack the flame up right away.



One response

14 01 2013

The American “frogs” are already cooked with apathy, no amount of heat can wake that mass of brain dead voters.

You want to know what will be really funny? When the congress turns over the control of the debt ceiling to the treasury department. Ha ha ha ha, that will be a real funny one there.

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