Sunday Wrap-Up

13 01 2013


He’s 26.  That’s an awful hard looking 26.  And by “hard,” I mean drugged up and/or already done a stint or two in prison 26.

St. Louis “gayer” than San Francisco?  Who can believe that?

I can.

All the stereotypes of nude queer S&M freaks trolling the Castro District for gay sex just aren’t the reality in San Francisco anymore.  In reality, San Francisco is now the American financial center for trans-Pacific Rim pan-Asian international trade.  The business community now has the steam (and I don’t mean steam from gay bath houses) to beat the alternate community even on the San Francisco City Council on matters such as public nudity.  Don’t get me wrong — SF is still a good place to be gay, that is, if you’re gay and have money.  Lots of it.

Another factor is that considering the fact that society has become generally more tolerant of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, and partially because the Yankee government will shove guns in our faces if we’re not, gays need not be in one or two gay haven cities anymore to feel comfortable.  Almost every city has a “Rainbow Flag” part of town — To my amazement, even NASHVILLE has its “district.”

You-know-whos passing fake hundreds.  They should have waited for the real trillions.

*  As Norm would say about this one:  Nobody’s home, nobody ever was home, nobody ever will be home.

“He” went to a ghetto liquor store looking like that.  I think “he’s” a little more than “missing.”

Castle Doctrine.  Works.

*  “It gets dark early now.”  And when it does, the stars come out.

And Fat Albert starts showing you his junk, if you can see it through all his fat.

Pray, why are all these SWPL white women in the CWE worried about a little bit of diversity doing what diversity likes to do?  Are they, like, RACIST, or something like that?

Gotta get that Moo-Cow back in its pen.

One quick glance at the suspect screams “doing life on the installment plan.”

A lot of good that ankle monitoring bracelet did.

*  Paper covers rock, rock covers scissors, scissors cuts paper, bus beats passenger car.  Every time.

*  I’m incredulous.  A 19-year old ghetto black man anywhere is versed enough in the fine art of laundry detergent?


Who would shoot a prince for no reason at all?

Fine print:  The prince here has dope dealing in his rap sheet.  Which makes sense for an aspiring rapper, as many a hip-hop career were launched with the proceeds of drug dealing.

*  Rule of thumb:  When black-oriented websites or many blacks on Twitter say “SMH,” they really mean “TNB.”

*  I wouldn’t have much of a problem with what Scott Compton did if he had intentions of replacing it with a Confederate Flag.  But I doubt those were his intentions.

*  Correction:  It used to be “Germantown,” now it’s Africa.

*  Oh my.  Gender issues threaten to rent asunder the progressive utopia that is the Morning Schmuck show on MSNBC.  If that happens, who gets custody of the coffee?

Mitt Romney gave more thought to the next Presidential cabinet than Obama gave to his, even though Obama won?  Hell, I’ve given more thought to my fictional cabinet than Obama has to his real one.  How much time can you really spend thinking about cabinets when you’re golfing?

I’ve heard this all before.  Late during Clinton’s second term, there was talk about making handguns “smart,” the favored technique was some sort of dongle that interfaced between the gun itself and the wrist of the user, the assumption that only people permitted to own or use firearms would have a dongle, and this would prevent non-authorized users (felons, kids, etc.) from being able to fire them.

On one level, I don’t have a problem with any of these proposals.  But they’re so far into the future that we can’t punt on what we know works in the theoretical hopes that any of these proposals will ever work, which is not a certainty.

Here’s what CNN is forgetting.

Congress has yielded so much legislative authority to the executive branch that I’m sure there’s some way a Presidential executive order can have the legal force of actual legislation.

*  I’ll cut to the chase:  By “Americans under 50,” they mean black and Hispanic.  And when N’Deshawntavious murders Shitavious over shoes, or when Booshondia turns her daughter Aquanetta into ghetto lobster, of course the health expectations of “Americans” under 50 will be lower.

*  Andrew Cuomo wants us all to be like New York.


*  I won’t yet take a stab (no pun intended) on why “youth on youth” violent “gun” crime is way down from 1994 to 2010.  But it is obvious that this article isn’t just dog whistling race, it’s dog barking race.

Police brutality.  That the civil rights industry will cover up.  Guess why.

*  If only Don LaFontaine was still living:

In a world where race is officially just a meaningless social construct, we’re officially obsessed with race.

Then again, one of my eternal regrets is that Luciano Pavarotti died before he could sing the Meow Mix Theme.  I would, except I forgot the lyrics.

“There was elderly, disabled people, pregnant single women. They were here for help, to get their Section 8 vouchers.  It just shows you what a desperate need… some were here since yesterday,” said Rhianna Rodriguez.

And then…you know.

Which explains why their areas are the way they area.

How can I possibly react?  Except to say that convicting this suspect on the charge of assault against the handicapped might be hard.  For as it says, he thought the sign language were gang signs.  UPDATE:  James Edwards found the mugs, and IDed the vic as white.

Marco Rubio is now slightly more left wing than President Obama on immigration.  As impossible as that seems.

Racial composition of these corrupt CBP agents?  As if I had to ask.

*  Gross negligence on the school’s part, putting a really mentally handicapped teenage girl in a room full of teenage boys whose only “handicaps” are being junior thugs and future long-term Sing-Sing residents.


Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the presence of Asian gangs.

Sorry, Norm.  Pugs are frequent victims here.

Kinda like the Minutemen.

England’s that bad for you, Chief?  Well, Africa’s that way.  Or Seattle is that way.

Obamaphones in Nigeria.


*  It’s kind of hard to answer, but it seems that by 50,000 years ago, the smartest humans fully grokked the link between human sexuality and human reproduction.  This smart aleck article from Slate tries to pour cold water all over us “white supremacists” for going tee hee at certain non-white cultures for never really figuring it out, even though Slate suggests they did kinda figure it out.  But we do know for sure that Australian Aboriginals never had any clue on their own until white settlers explained it to them.

Some people today STILL don’t know.

*  In other words, Europe is where Europeans are.

Baby sharks can do so much before they’re even born.  Amazing what an in-viable tissue mass can do.  If only female sharks had NARAL.

I see the invisible hand of these athletes’ corporate sponsors at work.

*  She won four golds and five overall medals in London, did Missy Franklin.  Yet, she went back to her high school swim team for her Senior year, and will attend Berkeley on a swimming scholarship in lieu of turning pro.  She might be the only girl who willingly went back to the farm after seeing the big city.

I wouldn’t mind marrying someone like her.

This hot mess was sort of a conversational subtext among the AR commentariat over the weekend, me included.  How can you really “strategically deploy” anything when you live in a dictatorship?




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13 01 2013

Sorry, Norm. Pugs are frequent victims here.


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