This Bothers Me

13 01 2013

Washington, D.C.

The Hill:

Obama faces ‘limited’ options on executive action on gun violence

The Obama administration’s vow to tackle gun violence – with Congress, or without – has sparked an uproar from conservative Republicans and has left Democratic gun reformers eager to learn what the White House has up its sleeve.

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to propose legislative solutions to what President Obama has called the nation’s gun-violence “epidemic” as early as Tuesday, but he says he’s also eying executive orders empowering the administration to take action without congressional approval.

“There are executive orders, executive action, that can be taken,” Biden said Wednesday. “We haven’t decided what that is yet, but we’re compiling it all.”

Although GOP leaders say they’ll examine the whole of Biden’s strategy, rank-and-file Republicans are already lining up behind the National Rifle Association against anything that would limit the buying or owning of guns – a stark warning that the legislative route could very quickly become a dead-end, particularly in the GOP-controlled House.

A roadblock in Congress would shine a brighter spotlight on Obama’s unilateral response – both as a fulfillment of his promise to address gun violence head-on in the wake of last month’s Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and as a magnet of criticism from conservatives who’ve accused him for years of ruling by decree.

Now I know what’s bothering me, but I’ve just been unable until now to get it off the tip of my tongue.

We all know that “gun control” is going nowhere, just for the simple fact that Obama farmed it out to a blue ribbon panel (hint number one), and made Biden the head of the blue ribbon panel (hint number two).

But now, here’s the big bug up my crawl:  Obama will do very little if anything about the “gun problem” using “executive action” simply because he knows that Republicans will raise holy hell about it, and Obama doesn’t want to kill his chances to use “executive action” in the future.  Golden eggs, geese.

Why are Republicans threatening to raise holy hell over executive orders about guns but not executive orders about immigration?  After DACA, the only proper response was from Steve King, who dragged Obama into Federal court over the unconstitutionally levied $465 application fee (only Congress can approve Federal fees), and Obama’s unilateral creation of work visas for DACA applicants (only Congress can create these visa programs).  Personally, I think the whole thing is unconstitutional, but the Federal courts would probably let Obama get away with refusing to bring civil deportation actions against DREAMers for the sake of prosecutorial discretion, so King is probably picking the low hanging fruit, the fee and the visas.  But beyond Steve King, the reliable immigration Patriots in the House and a scant few others, crickets.

Obama starts screaming about executive orders about guns?  Oh yeah, now he’s Hitler and Stalin rolled together.  Drudge says so.

Why?  The cheap labor lobby has bought off half the Republican Party, including most of its leadership.

The whole irony is that Hispanic immigration and Hispanic votes are greater long term threats against Amendment the Second, and the whole Constitution in general, then any political go-nowhere loudmouth bloviation from podiums and on talk shows today.




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