You’re Gonna Miss Me

13 01 2013


Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR)

Current headquarters:  Southport, Connecticut

Future headquarters:  Las Colinas, Texas

Yeah, you know it’s coming.

To the citizens of Southport, Connecticut:

This is one of the few B&D songs where Kix Brooks got the lead vocal, and among those, this happens to be my favorite.




5 responses

13 01 2013

Kix Brooks has cut a solo album since he and Ronnie Dunn broke up B&D. All it does is remind us why in some instances, 2 is greater than 1+1.

13 01 2013

DLR was Van Halen, even if his name wasn’t on it.

Couple of gun manufacturers in Massachusetts and New York too. If my name was Earl Ray, I would be courting them to come to West Virginia.

13 01 2013

At the very least, WV might be a very good place to move the manufacturing end. The suits will want to be in a city with a major airline hub. I said Las Colinas as sort of a joke, or maybe not. It’s pretty close to DFW.

13 01 2013

The northern panhandle of West Virginia was the site of a lot of precision metal working, not just steel mills, until the 80s, but some still goes on. Where I grew up is 50 minutes to Pittsburgh International, most of the rest of West Virginia has a more lengthy travel to an airport.

13 01 2013

Lambert is no longer an airline hub, so I doubt St. Louis would make good business HQs. But what about the manufacturing end? St. Louis would be a good place for some firearms manufacturing. Just build new or repurpose existing buildings relatively far away from St. Louis proper, else you’ll be dealing with lib protesters and wannabe black “workers” (gun thieves).

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