I Have an Assignment For Chuck Schumer

20 01 2013

New York

So saith Chucky:  “NRA is a fringe group.”  Yeah, they’re not that much more popular than the Hollywood which probably helps bundle for Schumer’s campaigns.

Assignment for Chucky:  Pretend I’m Mrs. Crabapel, and pretend you’re Bart Simpson.  Your assignment is to write the following sentence at the chalkboard 200 times after school:

In 2012, just trial lawyers gave more money just to Kirsten Gillibrand for her Senate re-election effort in one state than the whole NRA gave to all of their endorsed candidates combined through the whole country, both Republicans and Democrats.

I’m sure Chuck Schumer has heard of Kirsten Gillibrand.




One response

20 01 2013

NRA is so extreme that it is only slightly more popular and slightly less unpopular than God Himself (known to us mere mortals as Barack Hussein Obama II).

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