Sunday Wrap-Up

20 01 2013


Salt and Pepper.

This was all pepper.

The cops are widely circulating the recorded images.  Fine, but then what?  They might be able to make IDs and get arrest warrants.  But that’s where the story will temporarily end, as we have learned from recent experience.  These suspects won’t be seen or heard from or even sought until they try to kill a college administrator.

Surprise.  Rapists gon’ rape, dats what dey do.

This is the other side of DNA that you don’t hear much about.  Oh yeah, it exonerates a lot of innocent people, but it more often winds up implicating a lot more obviously guilty people in heretofore unsolved crimes.

May have been fake?  So what?  As long as it looks real enough, and as long as the average competent person would take it as real, it still puts you on the hook for Robbery First in our state.

*  Along those lines, you really won’t get any better coverage from the P-D of an event like this.  Cherish it.

Missouri is much better than Illinois in getting mental illness information submitted to NICS.  In spite of the fact that Illinois has received Federal grants to do that while Missouri hasn’t.  That’s because generally speaking, Missouri’s public bureaucracy is more competent than Illinois’s.  I’ll let you figure out why.

He did everything he should have, and his heart is in the right place.  So why am I still not “down” with his tactics?  From a PR standpoint, this kind of thing just doesn’t have the right optics.


*  What?  Does the entire Machine and every cog in it want to be Governor?  When a Machine pol in Pat Quinn is already Governor?  How do they expect to con us into thinking that any one of these assholes is any better than the other?


Just like Ceasefire is working out so well in Chicago.  Ordinarily, I would fear that these “unarmed mediators” that this impresario of violent hip-hop music would want would be dead meat.  But ghetto high schools are essentially prisons in terms of security, so it might not be so bad for them at least from a physical standpoint.  It’s just that their work will be in vain most of the time.  And the failure will happen away from school grounds and after hours.

Of course she won’t vote for Obama again.  She can’t vote for him again, because he can’t run again, certain internet gossip duly to be ignored.

I actually fear the prospect of Obama Phone Woman’s public nudity more than I would than the prospect of Obama 3.0.

Lost in this hoopla:  Maybe these “kids” gave her good reason to fear them.

*  “Idle No More” is also used by Eskimo activists in northwestern Canada and their recent outburst of “activism.”  This article confirms that some left wing whiz kid dreamed it all up, and all sorts of left wingers and malcontents are picking up on it.

Odd move for a White House concerned about “gun violence” all of a sudden.

Not all is well in Democrat City.  Though I fail to see as much difference between these two supposed factions as I see in the coming internecine fight within the Republican Party.  The latter far more threatens to rent that party asunder.  What happens to the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, whether that party is rent asunder, I don’t know.

This is the right month to arrest this suspect.

Just another day for someone and someone else in Cuomo/Bloomberg’s Paradise.

Ditto, but this is Long Island, so it’s only Cuomo’s paradise.

*  John Edwards often droned on about “two Americas” (both could fit on all his acreage).  The reality is that there are two New York Cities.

*  Good for them.  Not only for what they did, but also for finding the room in a neighborhood like Beacon Hill to be able to hold their rally.  Beacon Hill houses are about the oldest in Boston, and abut right to the sidewalks of the narrow streets on which they are situated.  As far as urban neighborhoods in Boston go, it and the South End are the pick of the litter.

New low?  No.  Hiding behind kids is the last refuge of a budding tyrant.

But in all honesty, I’d love to have Grant and Julia as my own kids.  There’s even something about Taejah that tells me that I could teach him a thing or three in an avuncular sense, in spite of my own reputation.  Hinna…not really.

*  Mexifornia:  Less tan, more yellow.  But still…not us.

Criminal conspiracy, or sub rosa public policy?

Even Bob McDonnell has veered into Stupidville.

The best answer is to endorse the paragidm that most states have — Ex-cons can vote once they’re out of prison and complete with their probation.  It gives them a path to re-enfranchisement, and an incentive to behave pursuant to their terms of probation.  Too, we all know that most ex-con blacks won’t be able to behave long enough ever to get off probation.

I smell race here.

*  Sure.  When you already have $65 billion, you really have no use for money.  That is, until St. Paul of Krugman starts deploying the trillion dollar coins, then you’ll be an instant pauper.

Condoleezza Rice-a-Roni joins See-BS News, soon to be joined by Susan Rice-a-Roni.  I’m sure their common Uncle Ben would be proud.


By “fuller understading,” what Obama means here is that he’s trying to find an angle such that neither himself nor AQ gets blamed.


*  Turns out that impending and future affirmative action cases SCOTUS are or will soon or might soon hear will have a more profound impact on college faculty hiring than they will college student admissions.

*  Translation:  America isn’t so bad, when you only consider actual Americans.

I tend to think that a lot of countries find ways on the sly to factor out lower scoring students from the testing pool, or in the case of white countries with heavy non-white populations, they find a way to factor out non-white students on the sly, to raise their own averages.  I tend to think that our problem is just the opposite:  I can’t shake the nagging feeling that out of pure accident or worse, that we’re somehow oversampling black and Hispanic students, even higher than their actual representation in the larger student body.  I think there’s an “achievement gap-industrial complex” in America that wants a big achievement gap.

*  Gentlemen, pay close attention:

Nuts are good for, well…


The Rooney Rule fell apart in this post-season NFL coaching carousel.  And somehow, an article about it was able to go by without the Dork in Orlando with a fax machine even getting a mention.

*  Between Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o, this got lost in the shuffle.  USC football’s internal culture is falling apart.




3 responses

21 01 2013

All nuts are good for testosterone production last I heard. It’s the monos and polys. Men are supposed to get 30% plus of their calories via fats. I always supplment my protein shakes with peanut butter or almonds.

And, January, the little maggot, was arrested in an area I used to drive by every day. The old man retired out Ft. Carson and stayed in Colorado Springs, and doesn’t live too far from there. Funny thing is, he retired again, as a Corrections officer from the Colorado state system. Truth be told, the thing that struck me most was the tats on bride in their wedding photo. Tats and brides just don’t seem to go together.

21 01 2013

Rooney Rule = Entitlement.

* Gentlemen, pay close attention:
Nuts are good for, well…

And if this report gets picked up by MSM, expect the nuts section of the supermarket to become a “fairy garden” overnight.

Surprise. Rapists gon’ rape, dats what dey do.

Cape Girardeau city/county seems like a nice place based on the numbers on Wiki.

21 01 2013

You also tend to think that the Cape is 100% idyllic thanks to you-know-who.

Cape is mostly livable and American, but it has its patch of “them,” and there are enough of “them” to make trouble from time to time. A little bit south of Cape starts the Mississippi Delta, an area that is a carbon copy of the Mississippi Delta in the state of Mississippi, but only in the state of Missouri. Many heavily black or all black towns, cotton growing country.

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