A Stab Is Worse Than A Prick

21 01 2013

Boston and Baltimore

Because I’m speaking to an audience of mature adult goofballs, I have taken the liberty to uncensor what the original source censored.

CBS Connecticut:

Suggs Goes On Expletive-Laden Tirade Against Pats Following Ravens Win

A fired-up Terrell Suggs ripped the New England Patriots following the Baltimore Ravens 28-13 AFC Championship win.

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel, the Ravens linebacker had a few expletive-laden words directed at Bill Belichick and company.

“Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl. Arrogant fuckers,” Suggs said in the locker room.

He then suggested the Patriots’ arrogance has hurt the organization.

“These are the most arrogant pricks in the world, starting with Belichick on down,” Suggs exclaimed.

Irony:  Suggs, ever so worried about pricks, has a locker that is very close to that of a knife murderer’s. (*)

(*) – Disclaimer:  Not referring to anyone in particular.




One response

21 01 2013

“Not referring to anyone in particular.”

Gee, that makes it all a big damned mystery now.

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