They Did Come Herr’ And Win And Summin’

21 01 2013


I was wondering, (as if I really was).  But I was waiting on confirmation.

The grammar is a dead giveaway.

But while I was waiting, I found this story, also invoving…yep…

GBI: Teen sex slave rescued in traffic stop

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. —  A traffic stop led to the rescue of a teen sex slave, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and she may have been exploited for years.


He said the girl was with Johnathan Nathaniel Kelly, and they were heading west toward Atlanta. While the trooper dealt with Kelly, Paquette said he noticed indicators he’d been trained to look for by the GBI’s child sex trafficking unit, so he called an agent assigned to the area.

I dare you to click on the article and look at the mug…that is, unless you can’t handle the “teuf.”



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