They Don’t Quite Get It

21 01 2013

New York State

Silly wabbits, “Civil disobedience” is only for those who are politically correct.

And no, don’t bring Gandhi and MLK into this, as I suspect many of you want to.  These two are probably two of the most overrated figures of the 20th Century.  Do you honestly think that some brown hippie wearing a potato sack and spectacles dislodged the Indian subcontinent from the British Empire?  No, it happened because at some point between Hitler’s invasion of Poland and Pearl Harbor, Churchill begged FDR to save England from Germany.  The conversation went something like this:  Churchill:  “How much is this going to cost me?”  FDR sticks his hand out to Churchill:  “Exactly one empire, please, after tax.”  (Payback for those little 1775 and 1812 deals, you know.)  You think NORAD is just an outfit that produces cute videos every December 24?  It’s actually how the American Empire annexed Canada from the British Empire after WWII.  Ditto ANZUS for Australia and New Zealand.  I’m sure there’s a similar “treaty organization” with India.  Trivia:  Rush Limbaugh Sr. (the grandfather) was one of many lawyers appointed by President Eisenhower to help design a legal system for the newly “independent” India after we dislodged India from the British Empire we were sawing apart piece by piece.

Similarly, that hustling whoremongering miscreant with “Michael King” on his birth certificate, whose “day” I’m not celebrating today, had nothing to do with the civil rights movement.  That was largely a function of Irish-American and Jewish-American growing political power (and their dick riders like LBJ) getting back at WASP-y Brahmin-y “traditional” America for real or perceived slights from many decades before.  (And don’t bitch at me — I have both Irish and Jewish as minor parts of my ethnic constitution).

Point is, you newly minted third class sub-human “gun owners” of New York State, you can’t play the same civil disobedience games.  They’ll find the prison space for you even though there is none for actual murderers — You can count on it.  Point is, you better move yourselves and your pieces south of the once and future international border while there still isn’t a border, and before one is put back up and we won’t want you because you helped fuck up your own state’s politics and we won’t let you immigrate across it so you can’t do to us what you did to yourselves.  Or better yet you can grok this (*) and set your minds right, and maybe we might have a chance to re-Americanize all of America.

(*) – Even those of us on the correct side of the once and future international border should grok that, because it’s not as if we’re going much better by ourselves.  I wish I had a dime for every “Don’t Mess With Texas” bumper sticker I see all the while I know that most of Texas’s elite is letting Mexico mess with Texas.




One response

21 01 2013

I’m reading some criticism of the few honest people left in New York the state, in that they didn’t focus enough on contacting their state legislators.

First off, this bill was so rushed and so hurried up, that it forgot to exempt cops.

Second, New York the state is so dominated by New York the city and its suburbs that it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

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