Literacy Optional

22 01 2013


Yeah, really.

I have to apologize for St. Louis helping to make this happen, and by “this,” I mean the Post Office hiring mostly illiterate unemployable blacks.  Bill Clay (Senior) ran the House Post Office Subcommittee from 1990 to 1994, and he used that time to ram affirmative action down the throats of the PO big time.

Now you know why if you live anywhere close to a lot of blacks, you’ll often get the wrong mail.  And don’t think that you’ll get quality white letter carriers in the suburbs — It is my experience in St. Louis that the PO will assign ghetto blacks to POs and routes so far away from the inner city of St. Louis that you literally have to live outside of the St. Louis area’s suburbanized footprint to all but guarantee that you have whites working at your delivery-level PO and on your route.  But don’t forget that’s only half the equation — The mail does have to get from point A to point B, and eventually, illiterate blacks will be handling it at some point.

Not even rural areas are immune.  My mail in my Carbondale (technically Carterville) address in 2009 was hit-and-miss simply because there was a mini-ghetto of residential blacks in Carbondale that the PO had to employ.

Then there’s another factor that isn’t quite the fault of the PO’s AA policies resulting in the hiring of literacy optional blacks.  Letter carriers are instructed to deliver mail where they best believe it should be delivered, and are instructed to ignore names that are posted on doors and mailboxes.  You see, the mailbox or mail slot might have a sign that reads, “Jane Doe,” but in reality, La’Quita Edwards with a dozen outstanding warrants lives there, but she can’t put her real name on a sign indicating her box or slot because she doesn’t want the inconvenience of being arrested.  You might put your own real name on your own box or slot, but the letter carrier is instructed to disregard that.

Because…postage rates went up, again.

And also…it is my experience that UPS and FedEx aren’t that much better when it comes to getting it right and losing stuff, especially UPS.  UPS is almost as bad as the USPS when it comes to AA.




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22 01 2013

Even here in Arnold, there are days when I and my neighbors have to do the community mail re-shuffle, ie we get all each other’s mail incorrectly, so we have to put our heads together and get it right.

22 01 2013

God forbid you try to use a credit/debit card that you haven’t signed yet.

Enter the building I live in and the mailboxes are in the wall on the left, I am the last one. Guess who gets all the mail that doesn’t go in any of the other boxes? Anyone need ten copies of the latest Subway coupons?

My street used to be the last street on the route, one day I am walking home and it starts to sprinkle before the deluge hits. She is two bldgs before mine, so, what, 12 maybe 15 bldgs or SFHs left to the end of the route and the postal carrier gets in her postal vehicle and leaves.

I once received and empty poly parcel bag from Campmor, my socks were stolen in the mail. Sorry, I just can’t see a negro shuffling along in their shower shoes wearing Injinji toe socks (Note: I wear toe socks, not toe shoes).

In Chicago they have greeters in the post offices to direct people. It’s a fucking post office for fuck sake.

The PO in the financial district is huge, with something like 30+ windows, yet I have never seen more than 8 open. Make it smaller and sell the two Adams corners off for redevelopment.

Get notice of registered mail, plan on going to lunch while the postal worker goes to “search” for it, because yeah, it is going to take her that long to return …. probably because she is having a second lunch.

Oh the post office ….. the great American Joke Office.

22 01 2013
22 01 2013

In April of 2011 a postal woman stuck me with some 44¢ stamps because she didn’t have any “Forevers” in her drawer. I didn’t think much about it …. until the next time I had to mail something a few months later. I am sure she snickered to herself after I walked away.

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