23 01 2013

Talk Radio

Instant analysis of the fool that just called Rush, to “explain” why public bureaucracies are full of blacks.  “Because private industry won’t hire black people with black sounding names,” she said.

Blogmeister responds:  Because Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious are J’unemployable.  And Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious aren’t unemployable because they have names like Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious, they are unemployable because they are direct genetic descendants of people who think it’s a good idea to name their newborns Boo’shaniqua and N’De’Shawntavious.  IOW, the same people would still be unemployable with names like Jane and John.

However, more and more is the case that they are not unemployable in the private sector.  That’s because many larger corporations have bigger and bigger “equal opportunity” bureaucracies that, like the public sector, exist only to hire otherwise unemployable blacks.  The big difference is that the private sector wants to hire unemployable blacks named Jane and John who dress and behave semi-professionally, and have a relatively thin criminal record.  Meanwhile, Lemonjello, Orangejello and D’Felony are usually Post Office-bound.




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