We Don’t Have a Real Country Anymore

23 01 2013


If we had, then news media whose integrity is 99.44% pure would be all over this like ducks on a june bug.  It’s not as if WND is totally untrustworthy, but it’s not as if even I haven’t issued the caveat emptor warning when it comes to it.  Colin Flaherty’s columns on black crime?  Trust.  Joe Farah’s fancy schmancy standin’ with Israel?  Don’t.  I think this news is mostly or entirely true, because I mostly trust Jerome Corsi.

It says that the Chinese will be importing Chinese workers.  They might be building them houses like these.




One response

23 01 2013

Alternatively, we could be producing the oil ourselves, producing a larger internal economy ourselves, thereby resulting in more tax revenue, and China doesn’t have to be involved.

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