Vote Now, As Is

24 01 2013

U.S. Senate

On the bill introduced by the world’s newest Christian.

Harry Ass Reid will never allow that.  It will rent the Democrat Senate Caucus asunder, and that’s the last thing he wants when things like more budget fights are over the horizon.  Furthermore, if he brings it to a vote now as is, and it fails because not enough Senate Democrats will vote for it, it’s going to be harder for the world’s newest Christian to hustle money based on “evil Republicans siding with the evil gun lobby over our chillenz,” and hustling money from soccer moms to create a war chest for 2014 is more the goal for the world’s newest Christian than actually passing this bill as-is.




3 responses

24 01 2013

Even if Reid sits on this bill, that will accomplish the same thing and create the same kind of internecine hard feelings among Senate Democrats. The only difference is that it might make DiFi’s fund raising campaign slightly less implausible, because she might be able to con enough dummies into thinking that Republicans and not her own Majority Leader are stonewalling.

24 01 2013
Jill Parish

The government needs to quit lying to the general public. It was not an automatic weapon – they are already illegal. Enough is enough. Go to and watch the Hannity show uploaded to their site. A NRA top shot demonstrates various guns and their capabilities. Honest, law abiding citizens should not have their rights taken away.

24 01 2013

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