Te’o’s Razor

25 01 2013

South Bend, Indiana

Which scenario seems more plausible to you?

A)  Someone concocts, starts, carries out and concludes a convoluted multi-year long hoax against a college football player who wasn’t even really relevant in the college football universe until this past season


B)  The college football player in question made up the girlfriend all along to cover up his own LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH

Don’t worry.  Lie upon lie will eventually be unpeeled, and the truth will come out, (no pun intended).  But all the acronym groups (GLAAD, SPLC, etc.) have already pre-written the excuses that he “had to do this,” because it’s our fault for our own “homophobia.”

Here are a few other hints:  After the scandal broke, Manti Te’o’s first interview (text only) was to the androgynous Jeremy Schaap of ESPN, and his first TV interview was not to a  male sports reporter, but to Katie Couric, and The Oprah could have easily had it.




One response

29 01 2013
Tu-Some « Countenance Blog

[…] off, I don’t believe that what’s-his-tu-face is the hoaxster, because I don’t believe there was a hoax.  I think Te’o invented the girlfriend all along to cover up his gayness.  But even if […]

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